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The goal of the Fairport Music Department is to help students establish a lasting relationship with music and become independent musicians who participate in the arts throughout life. Through the study of music, students enhance their education by developing musical skills and experiencing extra-musical benefits that come with participation in the arts. With an eye toward 21st century skills, our music curriculum helps students develop creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership, responsibility, and engage with the media and arts of a global culture. Emphasizing the standards from the National Association for Music Education, students utilize cognitive, psychomotor and affective learning domains by creating, listening to, analyzing and performing music at the highest level while grounded in music literacy. The Fairport Music Department strives to educate the whole child by providing all students, regardless of musical abilities, with enriching and educational musical experiences.

Patricia McGrath

Patricia McGrath

Director of Music and Assistant Principal, Minerva DeLand School

10 Baumer Place
Fairport, NY 14450


COVID-19 Planning for Parents, Guardians, and Students

K-5 General Music & Chorus

  • In all elementary schools in the District (Dudley, Northside, Brooks Hill, and Jefferson Avenue), certified music teachers will push-in to students’ classrooms to deliver music lessons.
  • Students will be masked during instruction.
  • Students will be distanced approximately 6 ft apart.
  • Teachers will be modifying the types of activities that students engage in, while still working to provide a comprehensive experience rooted in the standards.
  • Supplemental music software may be used during classroom instruction, and also provided to families to access on remote learning days as enrichment activities.
  • Teachers will be collaborating with building administrators to take students outdoors in a controlled manner, when the weather allows. Outdoor spaces would allow students to spread to a larger distance (approximately 12 ft) and engage in singing or elevated movement activities.
  • Cross-curricular opportunities, such as collaborations with art teachers to create instruments, are being explored.
  • Sharing of equipment will be minimized whenever possible.

Grades 4-5 Band and Orchestra

  • 5th grade band teachers will be collaborating with teachers to plan the recruitment process for entry into the Fairport Band Program for 5th graders. Beginning string students were identified at the end of the last school year.
  • Lessons for first year players have been postponed for at least the first five weeks of the school year. Teachers will communicate periodic updates with families as the first year plan develops.
  • Teachers and administrators have collaborated to also allow entrance to the instrumental program for middle school students during the 2021-22 school year.
  • Second year string students will engage in lessons virtually during their remote learning days or Wednesdays. Teachers will contact families regarding lessons once the schedules are determined.
  • Orchestra and band ensembles at the elementary level are currently on hold, though this may change as the year progresses.

Grades 6 - 12  Classroom Music 

(General Music, Guitar I & II, Music Theory and Technology)

  • Classroom music experiences across the secondary buildings will continue to be relatively normal, with the exception of singing during class.
  • Students will be masked and seated six feet apart.
  • Students will be prompted to wash hands prior to, and following class. They will also have access to hand sanitizer (as all students will in all buildings).
  • Students will engage in computer-based activities in both schools, along with instruction on guitar, ukulele, and keyboards (per FCSD music curricula).
  • Students who own their own ukulele or guitar will be encouraged to bring their own instrument to school for use during those units.

Grades 6 -12 Ensembles

  • Choirs and wind players (in band) will be placed at distances of 12 ft, facing in the same direction.
  • String players and percussionists will be placed at distances of six ft.
  • All secondary buildings have made accommodations to allow some ensembles to utilize large spaces within buildings (ex. Small gyms, cafeteria, large group instruction room) in order to accommodate the recommended distancing.
  • Whenever possible, students will wear masks in all ensembles.
  • Modified masks, bell covers (masks for instrument ends), and other supplies will be provided to instrumentalists who are required to use them.
  • Storage of instruments will be intentionally spread whenever possible.
  • Ensembles will rehearse for no more than 30 minutes within the 40 minute periods.
  • All instrumental lessons, regardless of whether a family has chosen to be hybrid or virtual will occur virtually. Teachers are planning to schedule lessons on students’ remote learning days or Wednesdays. Attendance will be required at lessons.
  • Concerts will happen, though the structure and presentation will be modified. FCSD music teachers are looking forward to celebrating and sharing our students’ hard work using contemporary methods that will most likely be digital.