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Fairport CSD Embraces Sustainability

Students at Johanna Perrin participating in the schoolundefineds Garden Club.Throughout Fairport schools, you’ll find people dedicated to sustainable practices. The District is committed to creating a bright future for students and staff, and leading the way in making Fairport more sustainable.

The District’s continuing commitment to ecologic sustainability and conservation in all forms is reflected in the third goal of the 2022-23 Budget:

Conservation and Sustainability: Be stewards to our resources by learning about and being purposeful to support sustainability.

For many of Fairport’s departments, sustainability is part of the every-day work. Fairport’s department leaders work tirelessly to integrate a sustainability- focused mindset into their teams and daily functions.

For example, buses added to Fairport’s Transportation Department fleet release fewer pollutant emissions than ever before. Running efficient buses begins at the fuel pump, where the Transportation Department is constantly monitoring and upgrading fuel supplies to the cleanest fuel with the fewest additives. Conservation efforts also include HVAC direct digital controls (DDC) that provide a more efficient way to monitor and control heating and cooling exchanges.

The Facilities Department takes advantage of every opportunity to implement green technology, such as replacing lighting with more efficient fixtures.

The District is committed to bringing more efficient flooring to its renovated spaces – when construction finishes on the 2019 voter-approved capital improvement project, there will be close to 162,000 square feet of terrazzo flooring in the schools, which is substantially more durable than traditional floor tiles and requires a fraction of the chemicals to prepare and clean.

Looking ahead, the District will be exploring options to add electrical vehicle charging stations in strategic areas and begin composting in school cafeterias.

The District focused on sustainability in its April 2022 Bright Spot video, which can be viewed on our YouTube page here.

See below for more information about the District’s focus on sustainability.

Specifically, the District’s newly created Sustainability Committee offers a monthly “Spotlight on Sustainability” which can be viewed here: