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District Goals

2023-2024 District Goals

The Fairport Central School district will support, challenge and prepare students to be Future-Ready as defined by our Strategic Plan. #FutureReadyRaiders.


To cultivate creative, healthy, compassionate, engaged and critical thinkers who participate in and contribute to a diverse society.


We will educate each child, every child and the whole child by:

  • Investing in safe, inviting facilities and learning environments 
  • Prioritizing access and equity for all students
  • Nurturing students’ ability to thoughtfully apply their knowledge to make connections, solve problems, generate new knowledge, and become self-directed, adaptable and resilient learners
  • Guiding students’ development as compassionate, ethical, contributing members of diverse local and global communities
  • Partnering with parents, families and the community in the education of our students
  • Recruiting and developing a diverse and knowledgeable staff

Universal Pre-Kindergarten Vision and Mission

Vision: To cultivate a love of discovery and learning by fostering curiosity and creativity through play and caring relationships. 

Mission: Recognizing that caregivers are their child’s first and primary teacher, we will, in partnership, educate each child, every child and the whole child by:

  • Recognizing that children learn through play. Children learn best in social settings with hands-on, meaningful and engaging learning experiences that balance child-led and teacher-facilitated activities, with an emphasis on extended free play times and specific interest centers.
  • Prioritizing the safety and overall well-being of each child. Children learn best in classrooms where they feel like they belong and have caring relationships with adults and peers.
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for caregivers to actively participate in the education of their children. Caregivers will be referred to appropriate school and community resources to support the development of their children.
  • Providing an environment which nurtures age-appropriate social-emotional skills. Social-emotional skills include but are not limited to problem-solving, self-awareness, cultural competencies, and navigating social situations in play and learning.
  • Creating a literacy and numeracy rich environment that supports developmentally appropriate pre-academic skills including but not limited to phonological awareness, receptive and expressive language, print awareness, early numeracy skills, background knowledge, and fine and gross motor skills. These experiences, accomplished through discovery and play, will be integrated across the classroom with a variety of diverse, linguistically, and culturally responsive activities and materials. 
  • Acknowledging and supporting individual needs of students, including those with special needs and those that speak English as a new language.
  • Using ongoing monitoring and assessment of motor, language, cognitive, and social-emotional growth to support learning, instruction, and collaboration with caregivers.