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Student Registration

Welcome to the Fairport Central School District. We look forward to your participation and involvement in our schools and in the community. In choosing Fairport schools, you will be part of a District that is committed to high standards and continuous improvement. Commitment and quality are evident in the focus on students developing their potential. May your children have a wonderful and enriching school experience in Fairport.

Registration Procedures for New Students

New families to the Fairport Central School District will enroll their children in our schools through a centralized registration process. To help you start the registration process, there are several forms that you may print and fill out before you meet with District Registrar Traci Hall (the registration packet is available on this page, below as a PDF file).

After completing the forms, bring them with you when you come for your appointment with Ms. Hall at 10 Baumer Place, Fairport, NY 14450. If you have any questions as you fill out the forms, contact Ms. Hall via phone at (585) 421-2009 or via email at

In addition to completing the paper registration forms, families also have the additional option of entering information about their student in the District census database before their appointment. 

Click here to add your family to the Census

In addition to providing school records, those registering new students need the following:

  • To furnish proof of residency (mortgage statement, utility bill or a signed lease)
  • A birth certificate for each child
  • Current immunization and health records

Students are assigned to a school based upon the location of the family residence. After all paperwork is processed, appointment will be made for class placements and student schedules. After the assignment has been made, the family has an opportunity to visit the school.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten Registration


Parents retain the right to choose to homeschool their child(ren). Families wishing to homeschool their children are required by New York State Education Department to adhere to the NYS Part 100.10 Regulations. Families are to follow these Commissioner’s Regulations for grades 1-12, and kindergarten subject areas are at the parent/guardian’s discretion. Families are required to submit a yearly plan after receiving acknowledgement of their Letter of Intent to homeschool. Families are also required to submit quarterly progress reports documenting the student’s progress over the quarter. If a child returns to the District after homeschooling, it is up to the principal’s discretion what, if any, credit will be granted for coursework completed in homeschooling. Students who are homeschooled do not receive a diploma. A Letter of Completion would be awarded if all NYS Part 100.10 requirements are met.

Superintendent Provenzano is transitioning oversight of homeschooling to the Deputy Superintendent‘s office beginning the 2022-23 school year. Therefore, if you will be homeschooling next year, please address your 2022-23 letter of intent and Individualized Home Instruction Plans (IHIPs) to the Deputy Superintendent for School Improvement & Community Engagement, Dr. Tanya Wilson-Thevanesan.

This paperwork can be emailed to Lyndsay Howell at or you may mail it to 38 W. Church St., Fairport, NY 14450. If your student will be returning to public education in the Fairport Central School District next year, please reach out to Pupil Registrar Traci Hall as soon as possible at 421-2009 so a placement can be secured prior to school starting in September. Thank you.

For more information, contact the Deputy Superintendent’s Office at (585) 421-2016/ According to Commissioner’s Regulations, the letter of intent is due by July 1, 2023.

Census Update

If you have children who are not school-age yet, but who will be attending FCSD in the future, please register with the District now. This will be helpful as the District prepares for the years ahead. Contact the Registrar’s Office at (585) 421-2009 to register your name and add your child’s name to the District census.

Change of Address & Phone Number

Parents are requested to notify the District when a change of address and/or phone number has taken place. To update contact information, please complete the change of address form available at your child’s school or on this page (see below for the PDF file). Send forms to District Registrar Traci Hall at 10 Baumer Place, Fairport, NY 14450. For questions regarding contact information, call Traci Hall at (585) 421-2009. Current information helps keep school records updated, especially in case of an emergency.

Files & Documents

If you do not see a file list displayed above, please click here to view the files via Google Drive. A Google account is not required for file access.